Welcome to Rahti

Rahti is a shared general-purpose container service for hosting projects.

Rahti Shared Container Service is based on Kubernetes/OpenShift technology and provides an environment for hosting general-purpose container workloads. Because the service is shared between users, there are some permission limitations compared to plain Kubernetes (for example, container root access and global cluster permissions are not permitted).

Hosted content can be managed using API calls, command line tools, or graphical user interface. Content in Rahti is stored in Finland. Hosted content can be exposed to public Internet or be limited to User-defined networks. Rahti service includes default domain names with CSC-maintained certificates, and network load balancing. Exposed network endpoints can be configured to use User-maintained external DNS addresses and custom certificates.

The service is offered free of charge to Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, research institutes as well as research funded by the Academy of Finland.

Rahti can be used to host project content as long as the CSC project is active. Upon closure of the project, the content will be handled in accordance with the General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Research and Education .

Rahti service is not designed to handle sensitive data. It is the User's responsibility to ensure Rahti is suitable service for handling project content and technical data protection is done appropriately.

Content stored in Rahti is not backed up and it is the User's responsibility to make the backups of the data as needed.


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Glusterfs storage class was deprecated in Rahti 2. Users should migrate to alternative storage options (cinder, Allas, or project-specific custom solutions).