Static web server

This tutorial guides how to set up a static web server in Rahti.

  1. Create project. For instructions how to do that, see "Projects and quota".

  2. On the catalog screen, select "Apache HTTP Server". Select-httpd

  3. Type in the source Git repository containing the content to be served. Here, the sample content is used and the application is created in a project called "http-test-project". type-in-git

  4. Click "Create". Then navigate to the newly created project: new-project

    If you've already navigated to the project view previously, select "Overview" from the menu on the left.

  5. Now the OpenShift dashboard should display information about the application. This application is available at new-app-info

What happened here was that OpenShift processed a template that provisioned various objects, such as Pods, Services, Routes, DeploymentConfigs, and Builds in to the container cloud and as a result a web server emerged.

For deeper insight in to the created objects, please see

  • Core objects for introduction to fundamental objects on which OpenShift/Kubernetes applications are built upon.
  • Utility objects how managing application in OpenShift/Kubernetes further streamlined using higher abstraction level objects.